Your Space. Your Design

She Shed | Man Cave

Take a break, find a bit of peace and quiet or just whoop it up! Whatever floats your boat, enjoy your space!

Guest Suite

In-laws, out-laws, it doesn’t matter. You can provide a place of comfort, peace and rest for all.

Home Fitness Center

Improve your quality of life and health. Keep yourself motivated with Weight training, meditation, yoga and more. So, just do it!

Home Office

Bring your dog to work, no problem. Reduce auto expenses, work without interruption, all the coffee breaks you desire and more…

Arts and Craft Studio

Get those creative juices flowing. Be it for pleasure or profit, you’ll have plenty of space to do your thing. Include lots of windows to capture natural lighting.

Music Studio

Attention recording artist, small group of musicians or a music instructor looking for a studio? Sounds good, huh?

Your Space.

Your Design.

Specializing in Accessory Dwelling Units or ADU’s.

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